Aeroff took part in a cutting fluid webinar

Aeroff Oy took part in the cutting fluid afternoon event organised by SIX Manufacturing Club. On Tuesday afternoon, representatives of companies using cutting fluids gathered online for a webinar at the invitation of Business Tampere and the Tampere University Community. The participants were united by their interest in new technologies related to cutting fluids.

The aim of the SIX Manufacturing Club is to create a forum for companies in the Finnish manufacturing industry to particularly promote and implement sustainable and digital development. Also that afternoon, companies participating in the webinar presented new solutions and discussed technologies and practical issues related to the use of cutting fluids in their respective company.

One of the speakers at the event was Hanna Pihlajarinne, Managing Director of Aeroff Oy. In her presentation, she talked about the health effects of harmful substances released from cutting fluids as well as the research projects that led to the invention and development of the AerOff Solution for Machine Tools. In addition to the background and benefits of the solution, she also presented the AerOff expert service for reducing harmful industrial emissions.

Hanna Pihlajarinne told the audience that the first research project was initiated by leading Finnish metalworking companies that were aware of the problem of vapourising cutting fluid during the machining process. The research project confirmed that the oil mist filters available on the market were effective at filtering particles, but were not sufficiently efficient at removing harmful gaseous pollutants such as alkanolamines and VOCs. These are released into the air as vapour. The Managing Director impressively highlighted the harmfulness of the substances with the help of research results from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The results showed that one third of metalworkers suffer from work-related respiratory and eye symptoms. These symptoms can occur even when legal limits are kept. Pihlajarinne also explained how the AerOff solution was invented to solve the problems identified in the project. In tests, the solution was able to remove on average more than 90% of VOCs and almost the complete alkanolamines concentration from the air. In a follow-up project, the solution was further developed and commercialised. Three prototypes were developed and installed in the FieldLab of Tampere University of Applied Sciences and in customer environments, where they continue to purify the air.

One customer feedback has particularly stuck in Hanna Pihlajarinne’s mind. An employee of a metalworking company involved in the project had lost their singing voice due to constant exposure and was no longer to enjoy their hobby of singing. After the AerOff solution had been in the factory for some time, the symptoms eased and the worker was able to continue the singing hobby. Feedback like this gives Hanna a special motivation to continue developing the technologies and services.

She illustrated the effectiveness of the AerOff solution with graphs that clearly showed the low levels of harmful substances measured in the air after the solution. The levels were well below TTL’s recommended levels, which allows working without symptoms caused by process emissions. In addition to the clear improvement in air quality in the working environment, the AerOff Solution also enables cost savings, as the lower requirement for general ventilation means that unnecessary energy consumption is no longer needed. In addition, the AerOff Solution reduces harmful emissions to the environment. The cutting fluid can be collected and recycled, reducing cutting fluid costs and hazardous waste as well as emissions to the environment.

Hanna Pihlajarinne highlighted the complexity of the various factors affecting air quality. In addition to the type of machining fluid and ingredients used, these also include the type of machining and the workpiece, the plant layout and ventilation systems. Aeroff’s multi-disciplinary team is able to form a clear picture of all the factors affecting air quality in the factory. This expertise is also used for the AerOff Expert Service which provides customers with a clear picture of the sources of emissions in the factory and concrete recommendations for action based on the acquired information to reduce potential emissions in a cost-effectively. Hanna Pihlajarinne illustrated the result of the AerOff Expert Service with an example map, where emission sources were classified into different priorities using a colour code. The map provides a quick and at the same time comprehensive overview of cost-effective recommendations for action.

Hanna Pihlajarinne also mentioned the article published at the end of last year in the Finnish metal industry trade magazin, prometalli. The magazine told about Aeroff Oy’s background as well as the AerOff Expert Service of which a pilot project was carried out last year at Valmet’s Rautpohja plant in Jyväskylä. Finally, Hanna Pihlajarinne highlighted the main benefits of the expert service which include the economic approach that enables cost-effective solutions, the improved occupational health and motivation as well as reduced environmental emissions. After the presentation, Hanna Pihlajarinne answered questions from the audience.

The afternoon was a successful event, where participants were informed about different innovative technologies and had the opportunity to ask questions about their own use of shavings fluids and how to improve conditions. We are happy to answer your questions too. Please contact us at