AerOff Expert Service

Assessment of harmful emissions in the industrial working environment and recommendations for action

Managing harmful emissions is a complex challenge, and our service provides an understandable and concrete picture as well as clear support for decision-making.

Specific recommendations from experts on how to reduce harmful emissions in an effective and cost-efficient way

Concrete support for developing cost-effective and efficient measures

Our multidisciplinary expert team makes an independent assessment of the overall situation, taking into account the client’s constraints and objectives.

Based on measurements, background information and observations, we make an individual, comprehensive assessment of the most polluted areas. We take each client’s specific circumstances and requirements into consideration.

We identify the most important emission sources and provide a priority assessment based on the 80/20 rule with recommendations for action specifically for you.

Our service process

The benefits of our service

a service tailored to the customer’s individual objectives and working environment

our diverse team of experts brings in new perspectives

we don’t sell solutions from individual suppliers or represent any manufacturer or vendor

the service increases the understanding and knowledge of the problem of harmful emissions which adds value to investments, ventilation projects, etc.

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