The successful cooperation between Aeroff and Tampere University of Applied Sciences continues

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is one of Aeroff Oy’s most important partners. The cooperation is a success story that benefits both sides – as well as the students at TAMK and Aeroff’s customers.

The history of Aeroff Oy has always been strongly linked to TAMK. The first idea for the AerOff Solution for machine tools originates in a research and development project coordinated by TAMK. In addition to TAMK, also VTT and the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health (TTL) were involved in the project which was initiated by leading Finnish metal engineering companies and funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund in addition to the companies themselves.

There were plenty of filters available on the market that could remove particles from the exhaust air of machine tools. However, the study found that those filters were not able to remove harmful gaseous compounds efficiently enough. Towards the end of the project, the idea for the AerOff Solution for machine tools was born. Its development was continued in a joint project between TAMK and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, funded by Business Finland, to prepare the commercialisation based on the research results. The project included the construction of three prototypes of the AerOff Solution. One of these prototypes is still in operation at TAMK’s FieldLab. TAMK students use the prototype to learn about air purification in factories. The AerOff Solution also ensures clean, healthy working air for TAMK students and staff.

TAMK students from different study fields have done numerous projects and theses for and in cooperation with Aeroff Oy. In addition to technical projects, the visual identity of Aeroff Oy, for example, was originally designed by a group of media students.

Aeroff continues its strong collaboration with TAMK. Together, they will continue to organise projects where students both learn new aspects and bring in new perspectives at the same time. This collaboration will bring new ideas for the continuous development and optimisation of Aeroff’s products and services, which also benefits Aeroff and its customers.

We will continue use these opportunities for everyone’s benefit. TAMK will therefore remain an important partner for us. The successful cooperation between Aeroff and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will continue in the future.