AerOff for Machine Tools

Cost savings through more effective recycling of cutting fluids and a healthier working environment

AerOff purifies harmful aerosols from the exhaust air of machining tools using water-soluble cutting fluids.

AerOff is the only solution that purifies the harmful aerosols originating from water soluble cutting fluids during the machining process in addition to particles. This is a radical improvement of the air purifying process compared to current air filtering solutions. AerOff brings multiple benefits to the machining workshop, the employees, and the environment.

Benefits of the AerOff solution

Healthy and comfortable working environment

  • Improves the air quality by purifying harmful aerosols
  • A fresh and comfortable working environment increases job satisfaction and employer attractiveness, and raises productivity

Cost savings through recycling

  • Metal working fluid consumption decreases, and related costs can decrease by 50-80% through collecting and reusing
  • Decreases costs of hazardous waste management and water consumption

Environmental friendliness and sustainability

  • Significant decrease of total emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Decreases the need for increased air ventilation in the factory hall
  • Reduces the amount of hazardous waste and water consumption
  • Improves the company’s brand as a responsible actor

Unique air purification process

Our solution also purifies harmful aerosols from the air in addition to particles. This is a dramatic difference when compared to existing oil mist filters which only remove particles effectively. AerOff continues to clean the air where particle filters leave off. The solution consists of a multi-stage process, resulting in radical improvement in the air quality.

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (TTL) has specified recommended target concentration levels for TVOC and alkanolamine, which are proven indicators of the healthiness of the air. From the graphs below, you can see the dramatic difference that our solution provides for these indicators.

Alkanolamine concentration results

TVOC concentration results

*refers to accredited measurements by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, research report available in

The AerOff solution is always tailored according to the customer’s needs. AerOff is fully scalable, and it can be installed to new or existing CNC machines. The AerOff solution operates with water-soluble cutting fluids.


The AerOff solution is manufactured by our reliable Finnish contract manufacturers: