AerOff Expert Service

In our new AerOff Expert Service, our multidisciplinary team of experts provides an independent assessment of the overall situation of harmful emissions in your working environment. Based on measurements, background data and observations, we make an individual overall assessment of the most polluting objects. We take into account the plant’s specific circumstances and each customer’s objectives. Based on the overall assessment, we provide clear recommendations for action to reduce harmful emissions in an effective and cost-efficient way.

The multidisciplinary nature of the team enables us to take a holistic view and find different solutions. With our strong knowledge of aerosol physics and industrial air conditioning, as well as the formation mechanisms and dynamics of harmful emissions, we find the best solution to our customer’s challenges. We understand, for example, how ventilation, geometry and the properties of the workpiece affect the functionality of different solutions.

Our service process

We create an individual process according to each customer’s needs, situation and requests. Just like each object is unique, we carry out our preparation, measurements and analysis uniquely for each customer.

Together with the customer, we first analyse the current situation and develop plans for the next steps, taking into account the customer’s wishes and the individual situation in the working environment. Next, we prepare for the measurement day. We always consider the customer’s requests and, already in this stage, the conditions in the factory.

We carry out measurements and observations on site at the company. By combining theory, research results, professional expertise and industry knowledge, we provide a comprehensive overall assessment and make clear recommendations for action. After the visit, our experts write a report on the measurements and observations. In this report, the individual recommendations for action are included. The objectives of the overall assessment can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

The service does not end with sending the report to the customer. We discuss the overall assessment and recommendations for action in depth with the customer. On demand, we can help you as experts in the practical implementation of our recommendations for action.


The AerOff Expert Service offers a wide range of benefits.

We approach the subject from an economical perspective. The aim is to develop a process to implement effective solutions in a cost-efficient way. We find the measures that best suit your situation and objectives, to improve your working environment in a cost-efficient and effective way. The recommended measures provide a good basis for decision-making and lower the investment threshold. Increasing situational understanding and knowledge of the problem of harmful emissions and how to solve it adds value to investments, ventilation projects, etc.

We help promote well-being at work. The recommendations of action developed in the AerOff Expert Service creates a healthy working environment for people working in industrial environments. This improves well-being and motivation at work. The emissions assessment as part of the AerOff Expert Service is a cost-efficient tool for communicating concrete improvement and measures to support well-being at the workplace.

We reduce emissions into the environment. By doing so, we help to reduce the spread of harmful emissions both into the working environment and into nature by identifying the most important emission sources and finding cost-efficient ways to reduce emissions. This also enhances the company’s brand as a responsible actor.

What is the basis for the overall assessment of harmful emissions?

The overall assessment is influenced by many factors. Our industrial ventilation and aerosol physics specialists make an individual overall assessment of the emissions based on factors such as fine particle measurements, VOC measurements and modelling, the specific characteristics of each object, such as the machinery, general ventilation, local exhaust extraction systems and emission sources, as well as the amounts of cutting fluids and other polluting chemicals used in the production. The experts take into account the specific characteristics of the factory and each object. They do not only focus on emissions from the machining processes, but also consider other emissions and their sources.

Managing harmful emissions is a complex challenge, and our service provides an understandable and concrete picture as well as clear support for decision-making. We are happy to help you reduce harmful emissions – contact us!