Article about Aeroff is published in the Finnish prometalli magazine

Aeroff was interviewed by the Finnish metal trade magazine prometalli. In the interview, the Managing Director Hanna Pihlajarinne and the Chairman of the Board Timo Nykänen told the magazine’s editors about Aeroff’s background, mission and values, as well as AerOff’s new expert service and innovative product development. The article is published in Finnish in the current issue 4/2023, which you can find under the following link: We have summarised the most important aspects for you.

Aeroff’s history began in a vast research and development project. In the project, the air purification solutions which are used so far were investigated. It was found that although the oil mist filters used were able to extract particles, however, the aerosols and gaseous air pollutants could not be reliably removed. This resulted in the development work of the project team in which the first AerOff solution for metal cutting was created.

Based on this project, Aeroff Oy was founded as a spin-off. Most of the team have a background from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). The team members have acquired knowledge and experience from different industries. Since the project, Aeroff Oy has built up a vast network. One example is the functioning cooperation with Ourex Oy. The experts at Ourex know how to capture the polluted air, which Aeroff then purifies.

The collaboration is also applied in the new, unique expert service, where the experts create a modelling of the most significant emission sources. They research and observe the customer’s processes, properties and existing air circulation solutions. Based on this, the experts make concrete recommendations for measures from the perspective of cost efficiency and effectiveness, so that the customer achieves the greatest benefit with the smallest possible investment.

A first pilot project of the expert service was carried out with Valmet’s Jyväskylä plant, a responsible employer and pioneer in its sector. Through the service, the customer has received clear support in decision-making. The expert service also provides a basis for communication with the workforce and stakeholders. Occupational health and safety are taken into account as well. Thus, the service also provides a competitive advantage in the worsening situation of skills shortage. The customer gains savings and competitiveness through the AerOff expert service.

New solutions are needed outside the machine tool industry as well, and several patent applications by Aeroff are currently being processed. Besides machine tool companies, the expert service is also suitable for other sectors of the metal industry. Examples include coating and treatment of metals, as well as processes involving chemicals, and also welding.

Another possible field of application of the new technologies Aeroff is developing are combustion processes for energy generation. The solutions are a response to the increasing regulations and legal requirements. From the beginning, Aeroff’s goal has been growth and internationalisation. Especially outside Finland, in Europe’s densely populated countries, the management of air pollution is considered important, and untreated emissions into the environment are not allowed. Because of this, Aeroff sees great potential there as well.

Aeroff’s values are trustworthiness, responsibility, curiosity and innovativeness. The company acts only on the basis of proven and trustworthy information. Aeroff treats customers, partners and the environment responsibly. Curiosity and innovation have driven the company since its foundation. At Aeroff, the future is seen in a positive way – “There is a solution to every challenge, you just have to find and implement it.”