Aeroff’s story and future

Inventor Pirkko Pihlajamaa tells about Aeroff’s story: “The research project behind the first AerOff solution was initiated by leading Finnish metal industry companies in cooperation with Tampere UAS, VTT and the Institute of Occupational Health. The project eventually led to invention of the AerOff solution.”

Managing Director Hanna Pihlajarinne continues: “This background, together with our strong cooperation with companies and our own experience, has been an excellent basis for moving from research to commercialisation.”

Aeroff Oy is more than just the solution for metal machining. Through expert services, Aeroff reduces harmful emissions and lowers energy consumption. Aeroff will continue to develop new innovations and provide solutions for the increasingly stringent regulation. Aeroff’s experts find the ways to achieve cleaner air in industrial environments!

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