AerOff for Machine Tools

Sustainability and cost efficiency for machine tools with our low-maintenance solution

Improving employee health, material recycling and saving nature by purifying harmful aerosols from the air

AerOff is the only solution that purifies the harmful aerosols originating from water soluble cutting fluids during the machining process. It is a radical improvement of the air purifying process compared to current air filtering solutions. By removing these aerosols from the air, we bring savings and multiple benefits to the machining workshop, the employees and the environment.

As each metal machining shop layout is unique, the AerOff solution is always tailored according to the customer’s needs and specifications. AerOff is fully scalable, and it can be installed to new or existing CNC machines. Partly self-cleaning and low maintenance, the AerOff solution operates in CNC machines with cabinets, and with water soluble cutting fluids.

Unique air purification process

Our solution is the only one which also purifies harmful aerosols from the air in addition to particles. The solution consists of a multistage process with different phases, resulting in radical improvement in the exhaust air quality.

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health has specified recommended target concentration levels for TVOC and alcanolamine in metal machining shops, which are proven indicators of the healthiness of the air. From the graphs below, you can see the dramatic difference that the AerOff solution provides for these indicators.

Alcanolamide concentration results

TVOC concentration results

*refers to the research report by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in


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