In metal machine tool environment (CNC), AerOff is the only solution purifying the exhaust air from the airbone contaminants, particulates and especially gaseous compounds, harmful to health. It's a radical improvement for the other available solutions in the markets AerOff solution continues air purifying process from the level where the current air filtering solutions are at the moment!

The airborne contaminants in metal machining process are still major exposure risks for the health of employees in the metal machining shops. The recirculated exhaust air from CNC machines contains numerous harmful particulate and gaseous compounds. Research shows, that they can cause symptoms like eye and skin irritation, allergies and indications even for more serious diseases, typically issues with kidneys and cancer. (TTL 2009)

AerOff solution is always tailored by customer needs and specifications. As each metal machining shop layout is unique, AerOff is fully scalable. It can be used with new or current CNC machine. 

Partly self-cleaning and low-maintenance AerOff solution operates in CNC machines with cabinets and with water-based cutting fluids.