Our Mission and Values

Our Mission is to redefine clean air in industrial environments.

It is generally recognized that we cannot allow people to work in circumstances which are not safe and healthy, but still we have been forced to accept a much lower air quality in certain industries – just because there was no solution available to fix these problems.

Until now we have considered smelly, stuffy, moist, and hot air in metal machining shops as “normal” – simply because there was no financially sustainable solution available to improve the situation. We have just thought that air is clean enough when it looks clean, but fortunately we are much wiser now.

With the AerOff solution we can start to think in a totally new way. Clean air in industrial environments can no longer include harmful, invisible aerosols which are generating health problems and weakening working circumstances for people and production equipment.

The AerOff solution provides exhaust air which is free from harmful aerosols and healthy to breath in, also generating a dryer and cooler working environment which is more convenient and efficient to work in. This is the AerOff redefinition for clean air!

AerOff values and our way to work


The AerOff solution was invented in an applied research project, and we continue using only verified results and reliable information when tailoring the AerOff solution for each customer. Our customers and other stakeholders rely on us, and we demand this from our partners too.


We treat our customers, partners and environment responsibly. We solve problems which harm people and nature, and help them both to feel better. We decrease work related health issues and sickness, hazardous waste and VOC emissions, and improve material efficiency and recycling.


We are curious to find out everything new and to innovate. We are persistent and motivated to develop our services and solutions further, to improve a much wider range of working environments, and generate value to our customers. We look to the future positively: Existing and upcoming problems can and will be solved.